For Sale

1987 Callaway Corvette

This 1987 Callaway is offered for sale by the original owner. It is No. 90 of less than 190 produced that year as the RPO B2K. B2K you say? What’s that” Here is a little more info,

That got you 345 horsepower, engorged by a pair of top-mounted air-to-air inter coolers fed through a duo of hood-venting NACA ducts. And as we all know, NACA ducts are the best ducts. Callaway didn’t just blow the engine and call it a day either. Oh, nae  nae, my friends. They stripped the engines down to the bare block and then converted the mains to four bolts and mounted a forged crank in that now sturdy bed. New rods and low-compression Mahle pistons were added up above, while even higher up stainless steel valves wrapped in heavy duty valve springs showed up for work. Fatter intake and exhaust tubing got the job of ushering gasses in and out, in a marvel of packaging.


This example has had a cosmetically hard life, but a gentle mechanical one with just over 37,000 miles.

When parked MANY years ago because the driver was physically not able to enjoy this vehicle.

It has all (to my knowledge) the available options, 4+3 transmission, sunroof, Boise, Epsilon wheels etc.

It was running (poorly) when parked. We believe the fuel filter is clogged as a result of vandals depositing foreign matter in the gas tank!


PRICE: $14,750.