REWACO Trikes Built for touring, specifically designed and engineered as a trike with EasyDrive automatic and do not even care about another piece of luggage. For you will be able to perfectly store your luggage into the large Tourback trunk, equipped as standard for all models.


No need to shift – just enjoy. The 1.5 Ltr. 140 HP TURBO 4-cylinder in-line engine (VCT) represents the central element. Together with its advanced 7-gear automatic gearbox by Punch Powertrain, it brings power to the road. This drive is excellent for cruisers and tour fans, for those who look for the perfect travel experience and love diversity. Available in both performance versions 110 hp (81 kW) and 140 hp (103 kW) with a turbocharger. The optional Power-Shifter on the handlebar – operated on demand in ″SP-Sport-Mode″ – can turn the sweet lamb into a speedy wolf!


The Luxury Tourer. The RF1 LT-2 is especially popular among ambitious tour riders due to its soft 7-gear auto – matic gearbox and sporty comfortable RF1 driving performance. Typical for the 2-seater model are the two useful helmet boxes to the right and left of the passenger seat.